Welcome to The Hair Parlour

Embrace Your Hair’s Natural Beauty


At our salon company we believe in equally embracing people of all hair textures, genders, religions, and beauty budgets. We are devoted to offering technical, and creative excellence. Each guest will be appreciated for their unique needs, and have a customized hair and education experience. We are devoted to our guests looking and feeling like the best version of themselves on appointment day and every day after.

Core Values

  • Embraceaccept or support willingly and enthusiastically
  • Equalityensuring that every individual has equal opportunity to make the most of their lives, and talent.
  • Educationpassing knowledge and skills from one generation or individual to the next.
  • Devotionlove, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.
  • AppreciationRecognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

We recognize that each client has their own unique and individual needs when it comes to their hair, and their experience here at The Hair Parlour. At The Hair Parlour we take pride in being all inclusive, and always want our salon to be a place where EVERYONE feels welcome, and treated equally. Each stylist, based on their level of experience, will charge an all inclusive hourly rate. All people, regardless of gender, and texture, will be charged the same hourly rate for cutting depending on the stylist they choose.


Become Part of The Hair Parlour Community and Receive Exclusive Offers, Deals and Exclusive Event Invites.

    At The Hair Parlour we are committed to offering technical and creative excellence. Our culture is all-embracing. Come experience a family atmosphere where you arrive as a guest and leave as a friend.


    Monday-Friday 9AM - 7PM

    Saturdays 9am to 5pm

    Sundays 9am-4pm


    There is 2-Hour Parking located directly in front of THP on South Coast Highway starting at 115 S. Coast Highway. We have an all-day private parking (3 spots) directly behind the salon. *Look for Red The Hair Parlour signage. There is all-day parking located one block south from the salon on Tremont Street. There is also all-day parking located 2 blocks south of the salon. (Drive down Seagaze Drive until you see the transit parking structure.) From the parking structure it is about a 3/4 minute walk.

    We encourage you to find what parking suits your appointment duration needs before your appointment. That way you can enjoy your service and not worry about getting a parking ticket during your appointment. If you need any help at all please give us a call and we can steer you in the right direction. ;)